Insider Tips to Protect Your Home from Criminals




1. Abstain to know that you are not at home


When you have an idea that a big vacation is coming up, try to keep it down to the least number of people. Inform neighbors and your family friends at the max. Minimum people that know, least chances are that someone will arrive and cause trouble.




2. Even during short trips lock your door


It takes less than 5 minutes for the burglar to enter the home and steal all the valuables. Even though you went to the store for ten minutes, ensure that you lock all the doors. You never know who is keeping a watch on your home to get a chance to enter it.



3. Rekey or change the locks in case you lose it


Many times people lose the key and avoid the problem. Sometimes you may not be aware of the key which may be lost in the driveway, home, or some other place where others can link it to your home. This can provide easy access to your house. Urgently rekey the locks by consulting a Surprise local locksmith.